Domino effect in Media World?

Rupert Murdoch

Freedom and legal protection for the press are fondant values in United States of America and in the Western World. For once we agree. Somebody who feels his assets at risk, would evoke a threat of free speech and an assault on the Constitution.

The lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems against Fox News seems to be conditioned by a political prejudice. Ruperth Murdoch would deserve to be condemned for what he has been (analogically Donald Trump). Furthermore, a victory for Dominion could generate a domino effect on others journalism organizations.

Taking in consideration a hipotetic political bias, the result would be the putting down a determinated political area, with a further polarization and a domination of progressive ideas and leftist political ideologies.

Actually, the outcome of a trial will be determined by the legal system. But the votes that are the subject of the trial are a legal system, and the press has the right to discuss precisely that.